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Silver Bullion

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If you would like to personally contribute to the
Buffalo Culture Student Indigenous Bank by owning this coin, you may purchase this limited edition silver bullion coin for the price of $300.00 either at our Pine Ridge store or by the Paypal link below:

    IBank staff takes pride in helping each and every one of our customers earn and understand the importance of a better financial life. In our lending program, we have implemented a silver bullion award system. When a customer reaches the maximum loan of $1,500.00 they receive a 1 oz. limited edition silver bullion coin. They have earned this coin through years of dedication to not only their professional relationship with IBank, but most importantly, their dedication to themselves and their personal financial health.

    IBank has developed the Buffalo Culture Student Indigenous Bank which has provided financial literacy education since 2015.

    With each coin, every customer contributes to the continued financing of the Buffalo Culture Student Indigenous Bank (www.bcsibank.com). This school program allows our organization to assist parents and community members with an opportunity to continue offering financial education to school age children in each of our communities.