Propsed Constitution of the Oglala Lakota Nation
Below compares the proposed constitution and the original constitution.

Title Page

1936 Constitution


Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Pine Ridge, South Dakota


Words 18 Title Page

January 15th 1936 constitution of the Oglala Sioux Tribe gives a legal impression and interpretation this is a constitution written, designed, and implemented by the Oglala Sioux people in the first quarter of the 20 century. In reality the document was never written by the Oglala People, was never authorized by the Oglala Sioux people, nor has it ever been subject to a referendum vote of the Oglala Sioux people. So a legal determination of this very statement is that the current constitution is an illegal document intentionally perpetrated by the United States Government upon the Oglala Sioux people in cultural/national totality.

The 1936 document, as stated, was written by non-Indians. It was then demonstrated in the Shannon county newspaper, which the government was not above in honorable values and continued to use scare language to obtain approval of this illegal document for control of Oglala people living at the time of its adoption. When reviewed historically, it has been posted that only 28.7% of the population voted in favor of accepting the constitutional document. It was required by law that a minimal 30% of the population vote before a constitution became a valid instrument of Indian government. It’s demonstrably obvious that an illegal process of political procedure was inflicted upon all Oglala’s by the United States government. The fact that Oglala sovereign has had no effective government since 1934 has been a major awareness of the Oglala people in general. This perspective became apparent early and the people have been confused as to how to get social, personal and political needs met with such an ineffective government structure. Please review the Act of June 18th 1934 which required 30% participation of those entitled to vote to approve the constitution of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

The newspaper at the time, used words of threat against our children, against our people, against our tribe, were used to get all Oglala’s to accept this illegal Constitution. Words like “poverty” ”powerlessness”, “homelessness”, and “landless”, “hunger”, “suffering”, were all used and approved by the United States government and the Shannon County government press to force this constitution upon the lives of all Oglala Lakota people. (See example)

The flow of power implemented in this constitution has the Domesticated Oglala Sioux Tribal Council with more power than all the sovereign people that comprise nine districts of the reservation. The title of the document states, “CONSTITUTION OF THE OGLALA SIOUX TRIBE” which in fact never was a constitution of the Indian people. The document may very well read “CONSTITUTION OF THE OGLALA SIOUX TRIBAL CONCIL.” Government by the few, for a few and over the many years has been its demonstrated history. The Oglala people never had a say in government affairs of this nation using this constitution. No direct voice as to the policies or direction the council takes for the two year period they reside in power. It also gave us an illegal tribal president that is also subjected to the power based decisions of the uneducated tribal council. We will address tribal president role and powers in more detail in latter discussions as we complete our review of current Indian government.

This constitution, as formerly stated, took the power of self-determined government away from the people and formed a domestic relationship that allowed the United States to run a planted government against the good intentions of the people as well their lives and future. This fact alone has destroyed countless numbers of our children along the way, to suicide, alcoholism and incarceration, while the path of domination and termination is inflicted upon the very soul of a great Nation. The road to termination is one that every Lakota should view as a threat to the existence of Indian Nations across this continent.

We are going to examine the title of a new constitution and that title shall read the Oglala Lakota Treaty Nation of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. This one statement declares that we as a people are subject to no one. Our loyalty belongs to our children, to our ancestors, and to ourselves. Every treaty that was ever entered into between the US government and native people has been violated, not by Indians, but by the representatives of the US government. For decades, multiple decades, we have been counting on the US government to be honorable to their own word and we have found disappointment, loss of land, dysfunctional government, and early death sentence for our people. This sentence of the Oglala Lakota Treaty Nation is designed to enforce honor, not with them but with each of us.

We do not seek approval from an outside government to approve our honoring each other. But rather we are seeking the adopting of a Treaty Nation to rule our lives, designed by us, approved by us, and in the end will be dictated by us, in the end by the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

In conclusion the Oglala Lakota Treaty Nation is who we are. We do not violate treaties and there is scarce a moment in history that can prove us wrong. This treaty is not with them but it is entirely between us and includes the people of all 9 districts of our tribe.

We all know the language of treaties because that is what we have done with other tribes, through out the ions of North American history. In the treaties, we helped each other, we traded, and we benefited other people’s existence as well as our own. So treaties became an honorable way of interacting with others and amongst ourselves. So on the table is a new document that is titled “Oglala Lakota Treaty Nation of The Oglala Sioux Tribe”. This will be the first time in history, since 1936 that we have taken back control of our nation. We are proclaiming that we owe loyalty to each other as Oglala’s in this document. We are also proclaiming that we are not domesticated as some would believe or as the US government would want all of us to believe. Further on in this Treaty we will proclaim that our land base is ours, always has been ours, and always will be under the control of the Oglala Lakota Treaty Nation.

Perposed Constitution (OLTN)



Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

OLTN 11 Title Page

The first line of the title page gives a comprehensive aspect to who is involved in the treaty nation. All Lakota’s of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that are enrolled members of the tribe are constituents of the treaty. The tribal government receives dollar allocations from the federal government due to membership count of all tribal members. The title of the treaty indicates that all Lakota’s will count in the decision making of the tribe. It is inclusive statements that for the first time in the history of tribal government all voters will have the voice and power of the vote. With approximately 42,000 registered tribal members there was on 4,498 voters that constitutes ( 9) % percent of tribal membership that was given an opportunity to voice their choice for the president in the election of 2016.

This fact alone says the current president does not speak for all voters of the tribal membership.