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Buffalo Culture Student Indigenous Bank

The Buffalo Culture Student Indigenous Bank as a kid's bank project that was started in 2015. The intent was to provide students on and off the reservation with an opportunity to participate in a banking process by opening a savings account and learning the hard work of saving money and creating financial power.

  The student bank realizes that because of isolating variables imposed upon Indian nations/people that there has been limited knowledge of financial literacy. It should be recognized that Indian people have been subjected to generations of no knowledge or experience concerning financial literacy. Our staff agrees that unless this variable is altered immediately, additional generations of financial illiterate tribal members will continue to be developed by the current social, economic, and political systems. Generational financial illiteracy has been the root of all of our contemporary governmental deficiencies concerning the impact of financing and our daily lives. It is believed by the bank staff that most reservation economies are constructed from either gaming as a financial basis or proposal based economy to support the population. Our staff also agrees that the concept of a student bank in schools is applied in all grades (K-12); the financially illiterate generation will come to an end in 12 sort years.

  For more information, please visit the student bank at: www.bcsibank.com.